Add a touch of Japan to your room with 3 sets of individually designed Japanese Shoji Screens and Lamps. Each set is comprised of 1 four panel screen, set up to be easily rotated and adjusted, 1 tall lamp, 1 medium lamp, and 1 short lamp. Also included are 3 wood textures that can be easily changed out.

Objects, Materials and Textures are all properly named making the scene very easy to navigate through and edit according to your needs.

All preview images were rendered with Cinema 4D using Global Illumination and no other external Render Program. Photoshop was used to adjust the contrast of each image.

PLEASE NOTE Your purchase does not include the scene and lighting setup used to render the preview images you see. The preview images are meant only to show you the use of the model(s) in a lighting and render setup.

3D Objects Included

  • Screen (1857 Polygons)
  • Tall Lamp (360 Polygons)
  • Medium Lamp (280 Polygons)
  • Short Lamp (232 Polygons)

Textures Included

  • Shoji-Wood-Chestnut.jpg
  • Shoji-Wood-Ebony.jpg
  • Shoji-Wood-Natural.jpg


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