-A pair of extremely detailed pens,look great in extreme close-ups.

-In this file, 2 mods of the pen are present: + A black and red pen with 3dOcean symbol on it. +A white and green pen with envato symbol on it.

-It is very easy to change colors (just set a new diffuse color) -It is very easy to change symbols ( a .PSD file is present )

-Model is rigged, and you can animate it turn on and off with ease and in a very realistic way.

-Great detail has been added, each part has been modeled alone (proof in the preview set)

-The pens react as real pens to the pressing the pen’s top; the spring gets compressed as the real thing, and the ball-point shows out. (refer to the previews)

-2 files present: +1st file is without materials +2nd file is with mentalray materials, ready to be merged into any of your scenes.

*please note that the render-scene is not included.

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