9 Meanings of Color Psychology in the World of Marketing and Branding

9 Meanings of Color Psychology in the World of Marketing and Branding

The psychological principle known as the isolation effect states that items that are prominent and attractive will be more likely to be remembered. Some research on color also shows that participants are able to recognize and remember things much better (in the form of text or images) when the colors used look more prominent than the surroundings. Because of this, the world of marketing and branding in business is also not left behind to use it.

In the world of marketing a study of “the impact of color on marketing,” found that 90% of people will make decisions quickly to take a product or not because it is based on color. In addition, for a product branding, color also influences how the customer sees the “personality” of the brand in question. For example, a male motorbike product, will tend to choose dark and masculine colors rather than soft and bright colors. Below will be discussed about color psychology in the world of marketing and branding.

Nine Meanings of Color Psychology in the World of Marketing and Branding
Nine Meanings of Color Psychology in the World of Marketing and Branding


The color of the sun is very easy to understand and is able to evoke feelings of optimism, clarity, and warmth. Yellow is also a rich color, like the color that is in gold and treasure. Bright colors like yellow can stand out, even when used in crowded environments.


Orange is a color that always attracts attention. The orange color sends a message saying, “I’m not afraid to be the center of attention.” Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, confidence, and joy.


This color can really raise people’s pulse when they see red. This is a strong color that is warm, attractive, sexy, and urgent. These are the colors of blood and romance, stop symbols and classic roses.


This color is the color of the kingdom that can give a picture of grandeur, luxury and mysticism. This will activate the imagination and attract the eye. Purple is also associated with wisdom.


This color can convey a feeling of strength, reliability, and calmness like the nature of water. With blue in your design, it will encourage the audience to see the company with seriousness and trust.


Green can convey a feeling of calm, peace, and convey the idea of ​​growth. Products that use a green design will offer freshness and are natural from nature.


Technically, black is the absence of color. Black symbolizes the firmness, professionalism and credibility of a product. The bigger you want to give a strong impression to the company, the more black you can add.


This color will give the impression of simplicity and classic. If you have a product that you want to display with a simple impression, then chocolate is the right choice. Some products that are retro or happiness in nostalgia are also suitable for using brown.


This color can imply something pure, clean, pure. The use of white in the company’s branding logo will also give a polite impression. White will look contrasting and firm if combined with black.

When you want to determine the colors that will be used in your company logo or brand, it is better if you do research first. Color psychology research can be started from the use of colors by your business competitors, try to choose different colors so that consumers do not mistakenly recognize your product. After that, choose colors according to the character of the product you have and also pay attention to who the marketing target is. If the marketing target is women, then use soft colors that impress feminine.

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