A lighthearted nod to the genre of Spaghetti Western music, this track utilises ukulele, acoustic guitars, electric bass, electric guitars with the classic tremolo effect, guiro, tambourine, finger snaps, drums, and of course human whistling (yours truly!).

This happy, uplifting and fun loving track would create the perfect mood for your contemporary Western film, or for any short films where two rival characters or gangs are confronting each other. Also very useful for websites, flash games, advertising or presentations. 145 bpm.

The zip contains (in both WAV and MP3):

Full track: 3:21

Intro Loop: 0:13 (0.00- 0:13)

Loop 2: 0:26 (0:29-0:55)

Loop 3: 0:26 (0:55- 1:21)

Loop 4: 0:26 (1:28-1:54)

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