Move your feet and shake your head ! A powerfull and modern upbeat track with high energy synths and guitars to catch everyones attention. It’s a mixture between Big Beats, Chemical Beats ansd Break beats. Constant build up with a lot of drop downs and effects and crowd noises. Perfect for any action loaded movie sequence or chasing scene. Watch the demovideo with the muscle cars from a motorsport show / intro.

Included are 2 Versions :

  • Full Track : 02:24
  • Short Intro : 00:34

If your ultimate goal is to fully engage the viewer – to connect at the deepest emotional level – you’ve come to the right place!

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With 15 years of scoring experience in every style imaginable from dramas, comedies, reality, documentaries, commercials, movies, videogames, etc., our custom scores are a choice you can rely on whether you need the whole series, a specific theme or a main title. Trust us to interpret your vision into music. We will create the perfect audio compliment for your production. If budget is your concern, let us customize a hybrid package between custom music and library. We’ll make it work!

We’re excited about what we have to offer you! Feel free to check us out, view the services, and watch our samples! Once you’re done, make sure you contact us and let us know what production needs you may have! Browse our site and find out why more and more people are turning to Sonic Media Design for their production needs.

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