Airport announcement – message alert sound. There are three variations of the ident, which you get all for the price of one. positive, jingle, Ident, Stinger, Audio Logo, Audiologo, News Theme, Logo Sounds, Logo Sound Effects, Logo SFX , SFX , Logo,Theme, Radio, Network, Audio Signature, Signature, Audio, Theme, Newscast, Podcast, Logo Animation, Business, Presentations, Ringtones, Cell Phone, Interface Sounds, Interface, Element, Foley Effects, Effects, Game Audio, Menu, Confirmation, Error, Dialogue, Screen, Sound Effects, Theme, Game Theme, Game, Audio Identity, Audio Branding, Company, Alert, Alerts, Notifications, Notification , Intros, Intro, Endings, Ending, Opening Logo, Rise

Motivational instrumental composition, express positiveness, self confidence.

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