Connect to a Website on a Browser – .com .net .org

This is three 1920×1080 HD motion graphics videos of someone using their mouse to select their internet browser as they type in http://www. and then the camera pans over to the end of the URL and displays either .com .net or .org (one video for each). Finally the mouse comes back on the screen and selects go to visit a website. You can easily have this going to your own website or your customers website. This video could be used in a number of different ways such as connecting to your website, surfing the web, going online, searching the internet, hosting a website, typing in a hyperlink, monitor your website usage, showing a mouse arrow input text, going to a specific domain, etc.
An HD preview of this video is available to watch here
Video Features:
- 1920×1080p HD Video
- 21 seconds of footage
- Has .com .net and .org websites

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